School Readiness Program

Your Child’s First year of school is where fun learning and structure is introduced!

School Readiness Program

The School Readiness Program is tailored to each individual child’s learning developmental stage. The first program your child will attend is a one-on-one screening and assessment test which is completed in one hour. This assessment provides our professional team an overall evaluation on where your child is currently at and allows our team to provide appropriate program catered for each individual child.


- Name writing
- Distinguishing words, letters, numbers, and pictures in print.
- Upper and lower case of the alphabet.
- Identifying letter sounds.
- Recognise and produce rhyming words.
- Read short phases and sentences.
- Bingo matching games.
- Read sight words.
- Talk about and answer questions about stories or set homework.
- Days, months, and basic weather patterns.
- Alphabet and number programs.
- Writing station groups.
- Prep school Bonobo Education Term book.
- Additional homework once a week of English topic


- Smaller numbers, eventually to 100.
- Learn name and characteristics of 2D shapes.
- Identify and complete patterns.
- Connect numbers to quantities they represent.
- Compare, order, and describe objects (smallest to biggest).
- Grouping quantities.
- Skip count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
- Understand the concept of 0.
- With manipulatives, add and subtract within 5 and or 10.
- Have a beginning knowledge of fractions.
- Simple measuring.
- Counting (using counters and objects).
- Patterns and symmetry on objects.
- Order numbers in correct sequence.
- Sort objects according to colour, shape, and size.
- Distinguishing shades of colour and mixing.
- Prep school Bonobo Education Term book.
- Additional homework once a week of Math topic.

Physical Development

- Hold a pencil correctly.
- How to hold scissors correctly.
- Forming letters, numbers, and shapes.
- Travel in different ways using different parts of our bodies, sitting in group time, sitting at desks, walking inside, running outside etc.
- Objects in use at school- early introduction at bonobo.

Communication and Language

- Talks sentences to answer questions or describes topics.
- Listens to stories and remembers details from the story.
- Confidently talks to others during play and small group activities.

Personal, Social and Emotional

- Good understanding of class rules and expectations.
- Asking educators for help.
- Use behaviour, such as helping, sharing, and taking turns.
- Recognising feelings of self and others.
- Engage in cooperative group learning and play.

Bonobo Education Program

- Personalised program based off child's screening and assessment.
- Term 1, 2, 3 and 4 School Readiness program book.