About Us

Why Choose Us?

Since 2011 our elite team of Educators at Bonobo Education have been helping students maximize their academic potential and excel in any subject they choose. Through our individualized and stress-free approach, we have perfected a method of teaching that yields serious results.

Our mission has been to help children to reach their highest potential by pairing each child with an experienced and qualified educator who desires one thing: to offer you a quality learning experience.

With Bonobo Education, you’ll get affordable tutoring that gives your child the best results. Our tutors are experts in their respective subjects, and vary their teaching techniques depending on the needs of the student. But don’t take our word for it—try us out today and see how we can help our students excel well beyond the classroom.
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What We Do

Bonobo is known for its successful teaching methods and targeting the early childhood brain development.

Bonobos curriculum is designed for each age group specifically and tailored to the child’s attention spans and brain capabilities.


Bonobo Early Learning is known for filling in the gaps in the standard educational systems that will allow them to use for the rest of their lives.

Bonobo extends on the RIGHT side of the child’s brain as it controls the visualisation ability and controls the photographic memory ability. It also helps a child process information quickly. To extend on the right side of the brain, Bonobo enhances on stimulating a child’s visual memory and doing activities which help to nature and develop the right side such as expression, emotional intelligence and imagination.

The LEFT side of brain development is also very crucial as this cover’s language, numbers and analytical thinking. This side of the brain is called logic where the right side of the brain is called creative.

You become your child’s first teacher right here in the classroom at BONOBO!

Riley Jones

The excitement my son has when coming to Bonobo Education is unreal, loves coming here instead of Daycare and enjoys learning and interacting here the most!

Jessie Brown

Both my twins attend Bonobo Education and have really learnt a lot. Miss Tanous's theory of the child's mind and interlinking key elements to the child's brain truly works! love this place!

Payton Hillman

Great Educators, really get the children engaging as well as seeing big improvements with my daughters identifying and recognition. highly recommend!!!

Marcella Aiomata

Bonobo Education has helped
my two children learn in a way that
has amazed us! We highly
recommend them to all our friends and family.